What we do

The Smooth Jive Consultants pride themselves on being the most versatile wedding and functions band on the Sydney scene. SJC can provide a rocking party vibe, a smooth jazz groove or a chilled acoustic set, or all 3 in the same night. In fact, this is what the SJC do best – adapt their sound to the needs of you, the client! Having made their mark as an in demand wedding band, SJC can also rock out a club on a saturday night or set the mood for a Sunday afternoon cruise around the harbour. SJC can also adapt themselves into a smaller 3, 4, or 5 piece ensemble if budget is an issue. Get in touch via our contact page to find out what the SJC crew can do for you!


The Smooth Jive Consultants have been performing together for over 10 years, having performed for hundreds of different events, weddings and corporate functions. Playing frequently at Sydney’s top function venues, for some of Sydney’s most prestigious  corporate clientelle, the Smooth Jive Consultants never fail to deliver. Click here to find out more about the members of the band. Or here to see a sample of the kind of music we play!