Of course, we all love playing together, and the full 7-piece sound is definitely our recommended configuration. However, the Smooth Jive Consultants are more than happy to play in a configuration of your choosing. For example, for the budget conscious, you might want it stripped right back to a four-piece (below):


Or, you might want to get a bit fancy, and throw in a keyboard, and get Dave on vocals, rather than Cara – which might look something like this:


Don’t need a singer? Neither do we! Chuck them out, and get yourself a sweet jazz combo for some classy dinner and background music:


Rhythm just not your thing? Well, if you really want, we could ditch our drummer, and beatbox the entire rhythm section ourselves. (This option is not recommended and has yielded extremely poor results in the past – but it’s your money, and we’re happy to do whatever floats your boat).


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